Technological innovation and practice of corrugated board production line
Corrugated cardboard cutting machine, used for the production of corrugated board production line continuous dynamic fixed-length cut, commonly known as "flying shears." When the speed of the cutter to follow the board requires a shear velocity change, i.e., speed track; while following the fixed length control process, i.e., the position control. Therefore, the "Flying Shears" control is a complex motion control problems. To achieve fast follower, requires drive has fast response, no overshoot, can quickly stop positioning. Has not been at home and abroad have a special cutting machine drives. DC drive applications due to its less commutator problems; ordinary inverter-driven approach is difficult to meet requirements quickly. In this paper, the design and research work carried out for the cross-machine drive system. By AC servo drive technology, proposed an intelligent cross machine servo drive design. The main circuit by a three-phase rectifier modules and intelligent power modules, control circuit TMS320F2812 DSP chip to achieve full digital design, the use of DSP chips to achieve PWM control PWM output function. AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motor with a mathematical model based on the theory put forward for cross-machine drive control using space vector pulse width modulation SVPWM based id = 0 rotor field oriented vector control program combines achieve. Software design using modular programming ideas for cutting machine drive system features, the current regulator using conventional PI control algorithm, the speed controller using fuzzy PID control algorithm. Simulation and experimental results show that the design is effective and feasible, the drive has good speed track characteristics, to meet the system requirements for the development of high-performance cutting machine complete equipment accumulated experience.
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